Our Vision

The Social Justice and Ecology Secretariat assists Fr. General in developing the apostolic mission of the Society, through its dimension for promoting justice and reconciliation with creation. Both at the level of the Conferences and Provinces in the Society of Jesus, as well as establishing collaborations between apostolic sectors and the Social Apostolate.


The Social Justice and Ecology Secretariat:


Advises Fr. General in the Society’s commitment to promote justice, to reconcile with creation and to create a consistent culture of protection of the vulnerable.


Serves as a channel of communication between Fr. General and the apostolic body of the Society especially in the social apostolate.


Coordinates, guides and assists directors of social centres/institutes, delegates of provinces and conferences to fulfil their responsibility.


Creates links between the networks of the social apostolate and the entire apostolic body of the Society, to help maintain unity in the one common mission.


Promotes the universal character of the mission of the Society by helping all levels to live positively the local-global tension beyond the borders of apostolic sectors, provinces or regions.