Spain - The SJM presents its report "Searching for a way out" on the Southern Border

The Jesuit Migrant Service (SJM) presents its Southern Border 2020 report, titled ‘Searching for a Way Out’. This report details the work that the organisation carries out from its offices in Melilla, accompanying the migrant population and observing human rights, as well as analysing the social and legal consequences that ever more restrictive migration controls are having on these people who are looking for a way out of their transit through the city. Searching for a Way Out is the third issue of SJM’s own reports on this area of work.

In this report, SJM reflects principally on seven key issues that outline the context of the border: among them, the calamities endured by those who risk their lives to seek asylum; the lack of guarantees in return procedures; the Supreme Court ruling that guarantees the right to free movement of asylum seekers from Ceuta and Melilla; the problem of considering victims of trafficking as criminals; the calamities facing young people who move from sheltered centres to the street; overzealous family separation; and measures in the context of a pandemic that aggravate the situation of migrants.

The SJM coordinator, María del Carmen de la Fuente, opened the event with a review of almost 10 years of publications related to this topic, thanking all the people and entities that make this work possible in Melilla. Next, Josep Buades SJ, coordinator of the Southern Border area, explained that the report reflects this decade-long work, although it focuses on changes in migration controls, administrative practices and judicial decisions that have an impact on the border context. Read more…