Spain - Safe environment report

On Thursday 21, the Spain provincial, Antonio España, accompanied by Susana Pradera, head of Entorno Seguro, Antonio Allende sj, delegate of the education sector and José María Rodríguez Olaizola sj, secretary of communication for the province, presented to the mass media the work carried out in the creation of safe environments (see more here).

At a press conference held in Madrid (Maldonado), the four shared information on the implementation of protocols and plans to prevent, train and ensure that Jesuit institutions are safe spaces for minors and vulnerable people. The reality of abuse makes us very aware of the need to work in all our institutions in this direction. What we know about past abuses This presentation (the first time a Safe Environment report has been presented) also included other content. Two years ago, in the context of the Pope’s extraordinary meeting in Rome with the presidents of the bishops’ conferences, one of the commitments that we as Society of Jesus made to the victims, to public opinion and to ourselves, was to be able to investigate and systematise what we know about past abuses. At the press conference, the provincial team presented the results of this investigation, in the report attached here (see report).

The effort for transparency is a duty. First of all, towards the people who have suffered abuse. Their wounds, their journey and their willingness to know has been a spur for the Society of Jesus to try to respond. The provincial reiterated at the press conference the request for forgiveness for the abuses that Jesuits have committed, for the insufficient responses that have been given in the past, and for the enormous pain caused to the victims and their families. The road to healing is still long. The will to respond and to establish channels of reparation is underway, but we are aware that this is a long and difficult road.

We hope that this effort to clarify the past will help to bring justice and will also contribute, in the present and in the future, to ensure that such a thing does not happen again in our institutions. Read more…