Global - Wiring the universal apostolic body

We may be experiencing one of the key global turning points of our time. This juncture, despite the serious impact it has on so many levels, has given rise to another way of relating, of understanding ourselves in the world context, of seeking new ways of living and, as Jesuits, new ways of living the mission. The COVID has meant a health crisis of planetary dimensions, the socio-economic consequences of which have yet to be seen, but it has also meant a boost to what was already in the making for years: an explosion of apostolic connectivity. We are not (only) talking about the digitalization of communication: it is about the enormous possibilities of networking for the mission of the Society of Jesus.

Although this is a process that began in the 1970s, it has been in the last 12 years that supra-provincial collaboration in the Society of Jesus has exploded. Collaboration and networking have been promoted in GC35 as a key element behind the universality of mission, and in GC36 they have been upgraded as two axes of our new way of proceeding: “Discernment, collaboration and networking offer three important perspectives on our contemporary way of proceeding” (GC36 D2, n3). This progressive evolution created the conditions of possibility for the networks that, during this time of pandemic, have proven to be key to the promotion of collaboration and cohesion of the apostolic body in the Society of Jesus.

There are several key variables in this process that allow us to establish the framework in which we found ourselves by March 2020, when the COVID was recognized as global pandemic: Read more…