Africa - Covid-19: What about Africa?

2020 will long be remembered in the annals of history because of the Covid-19 pandemic. As that year drew to a close, the Covid-19 vaccine made its debut in several countries. The question we need to ask, however, is whether the disease will wane as quickly as it spread if this vaccine is not made available to everyone. Will countries who have the “bargaining power” to obtain the vaccine quickly be adversely affected should poorer countries not have equal access to the vaccine? 

In an interview with Vatican News, Father Charles Chilufya SJ shed some light on the current situation in Africa, and specifically in Kenya, regarding Covid-19. Father Chilufya is the Coordinator of the Africa Task Force of the Vatican Covid-19 Commission, and the Director of the Justice and Ecology Office of the Jesuit Conference of Africa and Madagascar (JCAM). Second wave hits Africa “Many countries in Africa now are experiencing the second wave of the virus,” Father Chilufya told Vatican News. “A number of countries have reported a new surge” in the past month. What is new about this second wave is that the virus “has now started spreading to high-density areas.” This has become worrisome to government officials in Kenya and other countries because house is not good in these areas, Father Chilufya tells us. Read more..