SJES – Global Ignatian Prayer Vigil ‘Breathing Together’

Together with a good number of Jesuit/Ignatian organisations and networks in a joint and collective effort- among others-the Ecclesial Network for Congo River Basin (REBAC), Ecojesuit, Ignatian Solidarity Network, Jesuit Conference of Canada and the USA, Jesuit Networking, Jesuit Services to Amazonia, and Justice in Mining- Social Justice and Ecology Secretariat-Rome organized the Global Ignatian Prayer Vigil for the Season of Creation titled ‘breathing together’. , “The vigil was an amazing way of connecting people to the call of Pope Francis to care for our common home, along with the four Universal Apostolic Preferences (UAPs) of the Society of Jesus”, noted Fr. Xavier Jeyaraj, Secretary SJES.

It took place on the youtube channel of Jesuit Curia on September 25 at three different moments at 8 PM in Manila, 8 PM in Rome and 8.00 PM in New York in order to ensure greater outreach and to connect everyone in the world. There have been more than 15,000 views during and the following two days of the vigil. According to Fr. Dani Villanueva, coordinator of Jesuit Networking: “Technology allows us to achieve global dynamics that were unthinkable years ago. We are experiencing how to activate the Jesuit and Ignatian networks to foster spiritual communion as an apostolic body that prays, feels and discerns closely together.”

The vigil will remain online in the youtube channel of the Society of Jesus in English and Spanish for anyone who wants to use it as a resource material.  This can be a wonderful resource material in schools, parishes, youth groups etc., for creating awareness about the three lungs of the earth and to understand what is happening to these lungs and to the indigenous people living in those regions. Read more…