South Asia – Jesuit Provincials commit themselves to respond to fundamentalism

The Provincials and Regional Superiors of South Asia reflected on the situation and have mandated to themselves and to the assistancy, commitment to effectively respond to the forces of fundamentalism through all their ministries.  The statement says, “Any Jesuit Response is founded on our mission to promote justice and reconciliation in our broken world of which dialogue with the poor and with people of other cultures and religions is an essential part. Our mission as Jesuits in South Asia is to build counter-cultural human communities of solidarity that will be instruments of peace and reconciliation to respond to the danger of this region turning into a region of hate and violence. To remain silent spectators in the midst of this onslaught on the Constitutional values of equality and fraternity, secularism and pluralism is to betray our mission. Our response must be in collaboration with men and women of good will and through networking with civil society and other organizations that share our values”. Download Statement