El Salvador – Twenty fifth anniversary of UCA martyrs

November 16, 2014, marked twenty-five years since Ignacio Ellacuría, 5 other Jesuit companions and their housekeeper Julia Elba Ramos and her 15-year-old daughter Celina, were murdered at the University of Central America (UCA) in San Salvador, El Salvador. The legacy of the Jesuit martyrs significantly influenced the Church and the Jesuit community around the world. Jesuit institutions, particularly UCA, and Jesuit communities all over world are commemorating the 25th anniversary in unique ways through exhibitions, processions, prayer services, seminars, discussions, vigils etc. In El Salvador itself lots of programs are going on throughout November, in memory of the martyrs. On Sunday 16th November, a special Eucharist was celebrated inside the crypt of the Cathedral. Click here to read the list of UCA programs.