US – Renovated Jesuit Warming Center inaugurated

After 25 years of direct service to low income and homeless in downtown Detroit, the renovated Warming Center was inaugurated on June 29, the Feast of Ss. Peter and Paul, which is based at Ss. Peter and Paul Jesuit parish. The renovation allows a significant scale up in capacity and services to the homeless guests it serves on a daily basis. Major benefactors include collaborative support by the United Auto Workers and Ford. Fr. Adolfo Nicolas sent a letter to mark the occasion quoting Pope Francis’s recent remarks during a visit to a homeless shelter in Rome, “To love God and neighbor is not something abstract, but something profoundly concrete.” Ss. Peter and Paul is the birthplace of all Jesuit ministries in Detroit 166 years ago. The US Census has ranked Detroit last among 71 major U.S. cities in terms of percentage of the city’s population living below the poverty level with an individual rate of 36.4% and 31.3% for families. Click for local news story.