Honduras – Carlos Mejía, a lay partner in a Jesuit institution killed

Carlos Mejía Orellana worked in ERIC y RADIO PROGRESO, Jesuit organizations in Honduras devoted to denounce violation of human rights, to fight against impunity in the country and to accompany other advocators for human rights. Mejía was killed on the 11th of April at home in El Progreso, despite the protection measures that the Inter-American Commission for Human Rights have assigned to him from 2009, when the coup d’état took place. From then onwards, the situation of the team in ERIC and RADIO PROGRESO became very difficult with explicit threats to more than 15 people in the team. The Secretariat expresses our solidarity with family and friends and demands to the Honduran State a soon clarification of the circumstances of this killing. Watch the video that Jesuits have edited for the occasion.