Canada – English and French Provinces gather to reflect on the promotion of justice

From the 30th of May till the 2nd of June, both English and French provinces of Canada gathered together to reflect about the promotion of justice and look for areas of future collaboration. The meeting took place at the Villa Saint-Martin, in Montreal, calling 60 people among Jesuits and lay collaborators, 30 of them coming from each one of the two provinces. The first evening they presented the past of the Jesuits’ involvement in the promotion of justice. The following day they focused on present activities comprising the areas of migrants and refugees, ecology and integrity of creation, and closeness to the poor. Being Haiti part of the French Canada province, the perspective of this country was also included by Haitian Jesuits. They also had time to deepen in the challenges the Society faces at the global level. The whole meeting was organized in an atmosphere of discernment. A prayer to give thanks God for creation played a significant role in the meeting. At the end of the meeting they identified some concrete areas for future collaboration that will require some concrete planning.