Africa – Jesuit Theologate inaugurates Pope Francis’ Park and launches Trees week

On Saturday, May 4 the Jesuit Institute of Theology (ITCJ) at Abidjan dedicated a park to the first Jesuit Pope Francis and launched this year’s Trees Week. In the early days of the Institute, eucalyptus globulus were planted which are found to be less useful environmentally. Hence, it was decided to replace the eucalyptus with new brand of trees terminalia mantaly, a tropical species that grows high and its generated branches are spread in a fan-like shape, which is why in some countries it is called an umbrella tree or a floor tree. After the holy Eucharist on Saturday morning, everyone stormed Pope Francis’ park! Leaving for a time their theological discourses, they found the earth, fresh, rich and generous! The gardener made a demonstration so that everyone can correctly plant a tree. Within an hour, nearly a hundred of terminalia were given a new life on earth.