Narrative: Amazonia is burning! Ñande rekoha )our home) is on fire!

A forest in agony, that’s what Brazil’s Amazonia is. Called the “lung of the planet,” that name may cease, at any moment, to be an appropriate description. No longer can we drink its waters or fish therein for they are poisoned. Mammals, reptiles, birds – all are disappearing. The riches that make Amazonia what it is are under constant threat from drug-trafficking, militarization of communities and borders, exploitation of natural resources, and now, bio-piracy, the practice by which big companies from rich countries create medicinal and cosmetic products out of Amazonia’s botanical treasures. The pressures and assaults on nature are unending; indigenous peoples are struggling to preserve their identity; innocent people are killed for a piece of land. And Amazonia is no longer so green.