Interview: We share a common present

The sessions began today, 26 January, with a few words to commemorate Republic Day being celebrated in India. We joined this celebration through a conversation with Xavier Jeyaraj, the Coordinator of the social apostolate in South Asia. He has led a delegation of 29 men and women from different parts of India to Belém and the Pre-Forum. The group has already made an impact on all participants and worked very hard on the presentation of an experience describing the situation of tribals and Dalits in India. It is not easy to catch Xavier even for a brief interview. His spare time, as he acknowledges, is now taken up preparing a shared public session at the World Social Forum with the group of indigenous people from the Amazonia. Together they want to show that globalization has wrought the same havoc to Dalits and tribals in India as to the indigenous communities of the Amazon region. Between a sandwich and a cup of tea, I asked him whether, after two days in Belém, he was satisfied.