Adolfo Nicolás: the new Father General through the eyes of the delegates

“I have met Fr Adolfo Nicolás on three occasions. Here, and in Loyola in 2005, and then, in Lisbon we met once for two or three days while taking a break. He has always seemed to me a person with a big heart, and I can confirm this now; someone extremely cordial, sympathetic, a man of smiles and of time freely given. An extremely humble, simple person… His homily at the Gesù church locates him clearly within his apostolic choices and tells us where his heart is. He also keeps a profound mysterious ‘halo’ of Asia. The fact that he comes from there shows that there is something like a change of coordinates for the Society as well, from north to south, from west to east, from the dominant culture to thoughts that provoke us and open us to new dimensions.” (Roberto Jaramillo SJ, Amazonia, Brazil)