Argentina: developing new management processes.

A project named ?Institutional strengthening of Jesuit Works in Argentina? sponsored by MAGIS Venezuela, was started this year. Its aim is to strengthen social works by developing and transferring to leaders the management capacities and tools needed to construct new organisational networking policies. Of the three strategies in this process, the first not only provides personalised technical assistance to social sector works according to their current requirements but also helps elaborate their vision and mission. The second strategy generates a space for ownership and networking among the different works. A special seminar/workshop in Buenos Aires in December will facilitate integration and exchange between the works and other lay groups that collaborate with Jesuits. The third strategy is communication through a Web page to transmit local experiences and inform others of their activities, ways of discerning and the challenges faced in the field of action. The overall aim is to visualise the reinforcement of seven different works in the Social Sector in their management processes ? preferably internal ? and create a Social Sector Network for the Society in Argentina.