Spain: WSF on Migrations

While the main concern underlying the whole World Social Forum process is neo-liberal globalisation, the World Social Forum on Migrations ? which could be seen as a ?spin off? of the WSF process – is primarily concerned with the other side of the globalisation coin: migrations. The second WSF on Migrations took place from 22nd-24th June near Madrid in Spain. Its aim is to provide an open space for discussion and elaboration of alternative proposals for consolidating ?another? globalisation, one that is supportive of the rights of people on the move, including immigrants, displaced people, asylum seekers and refugees. Confirming the commitment of the Society of Jesus to the issue of migration, Jesuit participation and contribution to the Forum were significant. Besides a dozen Jesuits, several lay partners from Jesuit Service for Migrants (SJM) of Latin America, the migration network of CLC ?Spain and other Spanish organisations took part in the event. Furthermore, several Jesuit institutions organised or coordinated well-attended workshops. Among these were CeiM, a research centre for training and integration of immigrants; the migrations institute of the University of Comillas, Madrid; Boston College and Alboan. ?Our being citizens of the Kingdom must translate into new ways of thinking politics, and universal citizenship is an important notion in this respect,? states Fr Daniel Izuzquiza, SJ, Coordinator of the centre ?Pueblos Unidos? in Madrid.