Governance: A global challenge

A workshop on global governance organized by the CIDSE Global Governance Working Group and co-hosted by the Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR) was held from 8th to 11th June in Lusaka (Zambia). The meeting was intended to provide new directions and insights into Global Governance to CIDSE — a platform of Catholic development cooperation agencies. To achieve this end, several partners were invited and asked to present proposals for discussion. The common requirement for the proposals was the setting up of a framework that privileges human rights over other considerations in designing economic policies, especially in the international arena. Several Jesuits and collaborators from Jesuit centres took part in the event, including Prakash Louis SJ (Bihar Social Institute, India), Rigobert Minani SJ (CEPAS – DRC), Felipe Gómez (Human Rights Institute, University of Deusto, Spain), Irasema Zavaleta (ProDH – Miguel Agustin Centre for Human Rights, Mexico). Miguel González (ALBOAN, Spain), a member of CIDSE’s Global Governance Working Group and chair of the governance working group of the International Jesuit Network for Development (IJND) points out that “the big challenge for networks working on governance issues is how to make the connection between unfair global governance rules and poor national governance visible, this being a crucial link in the struggle against poverty and for just societies”. Indeed, one of the conclusions of the workshop in Lusaka was the need to rethink the issue of global governance in the light of local experiences and struggles to constrain the powerful.