Headlines readers? survey

Following an analysis of the replies to a survey we circulated a few months ago to Headlines? readers we were happy to discover that over 9 respondents over 10 are happy with the service we carry out monthly. Approximately eight per cent of the total number of Headlines recipients (11,500) answered our survey, over 50 per cent of them being Jesuits. It was interesting to learn that over 60 per cent of respondents work in the social sector, or in fields related to social justice and peace. We hope that our service is a useful instrument for their work. It would seem that readers are happy with the type of news they receive and to learn what Jesuits in the social apostolate all over the world are up to. Some of our readers would like perhaps to read more reflections and updates on current affairs or specific issues. Also it would also seem that the best way to improve our bulletin would be to make its format more friendly and attractive. Once more we would like to thank respondents for their valuable feedback which will help us improve our service and offer added value. [HL60506]