JRS International: for 25 years where there is greater need

In this month of November the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) marked its 25th anniversary. On 14 November 1980 Fr General Pedro Arrupe SJ called on Jesuits to establish this new apostolate, echoing the call of Saint Ignatius ?to go anywhere we are most needed?. Since then JRS has opened new paths of service and learning with the refugees, and is now present in 53 countries. Although it has managed to remain faithful to Fr Arrupe?s original vision, JRS is today working in a context that has changed dramatically. ?More than ever? reads a JRS press release ?the effects of growing inequality, cheaper communications, access to armaments, and environmental degradation, to name but a few, are pushing millions to flee their countries and towns of origin, while international protection for forcibly displaced persons is ever more elusive?. A letter by Fr General, praising the importance of this apostolic work of the Society ?as a response of the faith that does justice option?, was issued to mark this anniversary. http:// www.jrs.net