Flash News

The IJND-Governance Working Group has created a weblog to collect experiences, contributions and other inputs from its members. It hopes also to stimulate discussion on issues of interest for the network, such as active citizenship, participative and inclusive democratic processes, government monitoring and political formation. It is open to all and can be accessed at the following address: http://www.espacioblog.com/governance. The site is still provisional in its location, design and content and will be moved at a later stage to the IJND website, waiting renovation. For information: Miguel Gonzalez m.gonzalez@alboan.org At the annual meeting of the Social Apostolate of Eastern Europe held 10-13 November in Cluj, Romania, it was decided to support the movement for a greater articulation of the social apostolate in Europe. In preparation for the Social Week in Bratislava (2007), a decision was taken to contribute narratives of Jesuits from the region who have suffered in the name of justice and to publish them in a forth-coming issue of Promotio Iustitiae. Robin Schweiger SJ, Eastern Europe Coordinator for the Social Apostolate robin.schweiger@rkc.si ?It is amazing, the work our Social Centres are doing!? This was the unanimous expression of all the 18 Directors from different Latin American Provinces gathered in Bogotá, Colombia, at the end of October. Among the points on the agenda was the discussion of a proposal by the Conference of Provincials of Latin America (CPAL) of collaboration between Latin American Jesuit Universities and Social Centres to prepare a socio-political scenario of the continent for the next 15 years. For information Jorge Julio Mejia SJ, CPAL Social Apostolate Coordinator jjulio@colomsat.net.co We are glad to inform you that we have the Spanish text of participants at the gathering of the group ?Solidarity and Pastoral service to Indigenous People? (Coordinadora de Pastoral Indígena) from 1-5 August 2005 at Tiraque, Bolivia. We shall soon have an English translation. If you are interested in receiving an electronic copy of the document contact Liliana Carvajal, liliana.carvajal@sjcuria.org