Dominican Republic: Against indiscriminate expulsions

Following the murder on 9 May of a Dominican citizen by presumed Haitian nationals, the Dominican authorities began the biggest mass expulsion in recent times in the northeastern part of the country. Shortly afterwards, the Jesuit Refugee Service International Office issued a public statement. It reported that the Dominican military authorities, besides deporting undocumented Haitian migrants, were also indiscriminately expelling children with Dominican birth certificates, adults with Dominican identity documents and Haitians with valid work permits. The statement described how people were transported in military trucks and Migration Office buses to be deported to Haiti. They were pulled out of their homes at 6?o clock in the morning and put onto vehicles without so much as a chance to collect their belongings or inform their family members. Some were not given an opportunity to bring their children with them. According to a detailed report issued by Solidaridad Fronteriza (Border Solidarity), a Jesuit project in the Antilles Province and of Jesuit Refugee Service, although most of the 2,000 people who were expelled have now been repatriated, the situation is still very delicate. Solidaridad Fronteriza provides support and assistance to individuals and communities on both sides of the Dominican-Haitian border. [HL50606] For further information you can visit or or contact Mr James Stapleton, Communications Coordinator, JRS International at [email protected]