Communities of insertion continued: Spain

This Jesuit community has existed in Torreblanca for more than twenty years. With its 20,000 inhabitants, Torreblanca is considered Sevilla?s poorest neighbourhood, always making the news for burglaries, acts of vandalism, drug dealings and other such nefarious activities. Three to five Jesuits live in the very heart of this quarter?and have done so these many years, in their own building, which hosts the parish house. They are in charge of the local parish, attending to the two churches and to four religious communities in Torreblanca. They also organise pastoral life, which is still very intense and varied here, and promote social assistance activities. The relationship with the people of the neighbourhood is close and deep, although Jesuits are clearly identified by their pastoral role. When this community was first established, there was no talk in the Society about ?communities of insertion?, but that in fact is what it was, even if the Jesuits passing through here did not identify themselves specifically with the social sector. With its location in a truly marginalised neighbourhood and its involvement with the poor, it was a community of insertion before its time. As regards the future, I believe that as long as there are Jesuits who wish to follow this kind of life, and as long as Torreblanca keeps its characteristics, this community will maintain its ?insertion? character and will indirectly continue helping Jesuits and the Province in general. [HL50502] Luis Espina Cepeda SJ (BET), San Pedro Claver Community [email protected]