Insertion communities: Zimbabwe, Peru, Brazil and France 3

Between 1996 and 1999 I had the chance to live in the inserted community of Cergy, in a newly-built town about 40 km from Paris, France. This experience has been the most significant of my years in the theologate. In the course of the previous years I had experienced the value and the importance of a life in solidarity with the most marginalized; hence I felt the need during my theological formation to take account of the challenges that so many have to face. This spurred my desire to live as close as possible to our poor neighbours in a very poor neighbourhood. I slowly realised that more than my studies have been affected by this confrontation with the life of the excluded. The fact is that my general theological attitude has been deeply touched by this experience. I have come through this to deepen those aspects of theological reflection that touch on the large issues of life and death among the people who surround me. And I continue to learn from the people that look society from ?down under?. It is in the light of my personal experience that I have come to be convinced that all scholastics should live at least a couple of years in these communities and that large communities of formation should keep in mind the importance of our insertion in the world of the poorest. [HL50403] Christoph Albrecht SJ (HEL)