Insertion communities: Zimbabwe, Peru, Brazil and France 2

I had the chance to spend almost two years in the El Agustino community in Lima (Peru) and I now live in the Parish community of Santísima Trinidade in Belo Horizonte (Brasil). This experience teaches me daily the meaning of that much-quoted but still truthful sentence, ?the poor evangelize us?. When one has the privilege of living with the poor, one discovers how faith can become more sincere and alive, how hospitality can turn into joy rather than a painful giving up of ?our private space?, and that life is meant indeed to be given. I have no doubts that this can be experienced in any other situation or place, but my experience is that by being with the poor, one learns to be poor, one learns to have more trust in God, to be naked and dispossessed and to give oneself. I believe that an inserted community is a gift of God to the Society. But I fear for its future. I see fewer and fewer communities choosing this option and fewer and fewer Jesuits who wish to live in this way. Formation does not encourage us to live like the ?local modest families? let alone like the poor (I do not question the good intention of facilitating studies, but isn?t formation something more than just having all the facilities to study?). I ask God for a conversion within the Society, that he let us discern the importance of communities of insertion to carry forth our radical evangelic life. To be sure, they do not make us holier or poorer (that can only come from a personal conversion), but they are the true setting in which to experience the encounter with the poor and with the frugal life. [HL50402] Jaime Vicario SJ