Flash News

* Flash News [HL50406] Belgian Jesuit missionary René De Haes, 72, was killed in Kinshasa, DRC, on the evening of May 7th. Although details are still sketchy, it seems that he was on his way home when he was shot by two men in uniform, who were looting a nearby warehouse. Fr De Haes, who spent most of his life in Congo, was Rector of the international Jesuit study centre Saint Peter Canisius in Kimwenza, near Kinshasa. Mobilisation around the 2005 Global Call to Action against Poverty Campaign, the global campaign to put pressure on governments to accomplish their commitments regarding better development assistance, debt cancellation and international trade justice, continues to grow among our Jesuit institutions and centres. Following the call of Jesuit Missions UK to join the campaign, IJND, the International Jesuit Network for Development, in coordination with the Social Justice Secretariat, is preparing several events to be held before, during and after the mobilisation of civil society in Edinburgh this July on the occasion of the G8 Summit. The Jesuit Day of Prayer and Action, promoted by the British Province, is the first opportunity to join other Jesuit Institutions and centres in the Campaign. From expressing one?s views about the current Trade and Aid conditions to the President of the European Commission to praying in solidarity with thousands of others around the World at 3pm CET on Monday 16th May. All those interested in these initiatives and the supporting resources, please contact Ben Ramsden of Jesuit Missions at ben@jesuitmissions.org.uk , or Costanza Pagnini, Social Justice Secretariat, at cpagnini@sjcuria.org The next Eurojess-European Jesuits in Social Science -Congress will take place in Vienna, Austria at the Kardinal Koenig Haus from 23-29 August 2005. The topic of the congress is The Future of Democracy in Europe, and it will bring together Jesuits and lay people from all over Europe. If you are interested in attending this conference, please contact Fr. Josep Messa as soon as possible at jmessa@jesuites.net Xavier Network, a group of six European NGOs linked to the Society of Jesus, presented its first plan of work on 13 March to the Provincials of Southern Europe at a meeting in the Italian city of Padova.