Programme for the future

The International Council decided at a meeting on 25th January that the World Social Forum 2006 will be realized in a phased-out manner in different parts of the world. With this, the WSF ensures its commitment to its Letter of Principles, seeking a permanent, continuous process of searching and building new alternatives, which are not limited to the events proposed. The final decisions about the WSF 2006 will be taken at the meeting of the International Council next April. The International Council has reiterated that the WSF 2007 will be held in Africa. The responsibility for its organisation will be with the African organisations, but the International Council will help with the process of building the WSF in Africa. The organisers are also working at collecting proposals from the 8 thematic groups that have been working at the Forum. In this way, the 2005 Forum will have, as the organisers say, a more ?propositive character?. (Official communication. The text of the closing communiqué is available at )