Meeting with Caritas Internationalis

This is supposed to be the inaugural day and we started in earnest. The first bus for the metro station left our residence at CECREI at 8 in the morning. The first moment together for the group of 153 persons attending the WSF under the coordination of the Brazilian Jesuits was the inaugural Mass at the Church of Our Lady of Pompei. The event, organised by Caritas Internationalis, was a successful attempt to invite other Catholic groups to present a common Catholic face and agenda at the Forum. The Mass was presided over by the Bishop President of Caritas Brazil and the homily was delivered beautifully by an Indian sister working at Caritas-India. In a nearby hall, the partners of Caritas made a short presentation of the goals, highlighting the reason for participating in the Forum. CIDSE announced their intention of preparing a forceful advocacy campaign on the implementation of the Millennium goals for the coming UN conference. Paolo Sergio and Joe Xavier talked about the Jesuit presence and our Jesuit goals, and promised cooperation in carrying forward the world campaign towards implementation of the goals. Representatives from the Claretians, the Oblates and other religious congregations were also present.