Fe y Alegria and the Forum

On Saturday 29th a group of 20 members of Fe y Alegria (FyA–Faith and Joy) from various countries met in the course of the WSF. The majority were from Paraguay and Brazil, but also present were participants from Argentina and Entreculturas (FyA-Spain). A nun from Peru could not be present. While sharing our experiences of the Forum we strongly agreed that neither the national nor the international (Federation) branches of FyA had realised the importance of the institutional presence of FyA at the Forum. We were also of the opinion that we need to initiate an institutional process to spread the message of the importance of the Forum, and prepare ourselves to participate more actively, not merely as passive spectators. Till now, the participation of FyA has been on an individual basis or through some isolated groups. The challenge now is for FyA to accept the WSF as a body, spread its message, and carefully prepare our participation We should share it with our educational communities and encourage the Federation to promote this participation. We should also see it as an opportunity to let the Forum know the work of FyA. (Juan Luis Moyano, Director FyA-Argentina)