A Popular University of the Social Movements

In the presence of the Portuguese professor Boaventura de Sousa an important panel discussion took place at the WSF. The issue under discussion was the need and possibility of creating a ?Popular University of the Social Movements?. This is an initiative that aims at offering university education through a network, promoted mainly ?in a democratic manner?by the experience and participation of the world social movements. The intention is to break and go beyond domination of the capitalist and Western concept and practice of ?university?. The proposed university would be an entirely new experience, accredited not by traditional titles with a commercial or official value, but the importance of the learning and teaching process. It might also become an important reference-point for social movements and political life in general. There are many unanswered questions, but what we do know that it cannot be a just another university like other universities. If this were to happen we would simply continue to reproduce old practices of domination and social exclusion under the label of the word ?popular? and the administrative disguise provided by the social movements. Those who wish for more information on this issue and on the debate please contact http://www.vivalaciudadania.com.co or http://www.ces.uc.pt Roberto Jaramillo Bernal, S.J.; SARES, Manaus