Catholic collaboration

In line with the aggregation and networking effort promoted by the WSF process, and upon the initiative of Caritas Internationalis, from July 2004 to January 2005 a series of meetings was held in Rome with the Social Justice Secretariat and other catholic organisations and congregations. The purpose of these meetings was sharing information and views, and identifying possibilities for coordination and joint action. The Jesuit Coordinating Team thus promoted the participation of the Jesuit delegation along the main lines of interest proposed by Caritas Internationalis (these are: Peace and Reconciliation, Empowerment and Advocacy, and Trafficking of Human Beings). In addition, so as to give a concrete sign of Catholic coordination, the group decided to convene a Catholic gathering on the morning of the 26th, before the Forum starts. The aim of this celebration would be to convey a symbolic message both within the Church and outside it about why Catholic organisations choose to participate at the WSF. It will also serve to make sharing of information about their respective activities at the WSF possible and encourage discussions about future ways of collaborating in similar events.