Bearing witness to solidarity

With this special edition of Headlines we extend first and foremost our solidarity to all those whose lives have been so tragically affected by the tidal wave that struck the coasts of South East Asia on 26th December 2004. At the same time, we express our gratitude for the quick and exceptionally generous response triggered by this catastrophe; the unprecedented mobilisation of the international community shows us yet another aspect of globalisation, the globalisation of solidarity. The Society of Jesus and individual Jesuits have evinced a similar generous and globalised response, and to this we bear joyful witness. We cannot mention all the initiatives; there are too many to count. We rather thank the Lord for the manner in which He continues to inspire the entire body of the Society to ?ever search for the Magis?. The true value of such unprecedented solidarity, the commitment of all these individuals and organisations will be quite clear only when the attention of the media and international public opinion shifts from the Indian Ocean. It is then that the challenge of rehabilitation will silently start. Our hope is that thousands of women and men will work at this task to make ?another world possible?.