World Campaign for the Millennium Development Goals

At a forthcoming meeting called for September 2005 in New York, the UN General Assembly is going to evaluate the performance of the Millennium Development Goals officially accepted by all governments. CIDSE, the platform that coordinates international advocacy work for a number of powerful Western funding agencies (CAFOD, Cordaid, CCFD, Misereor, Trocaire, and others) is planning a widespread campaign to exert pressure on governments to remain accountable to the promises they made in 2000. Three main issues need to be addressed if we want to achieve the development goals agreed upon: more and better forms of international aid; cancellation of foreign debt; and reforming trade conditions in favour of the poor. The campaign was launched by the symbolic act of signing a huge postcard and among the first signatories were the Brazilian Bishop president of Caritas, and Leonardo Boff. CIDSE has already prepared a position paper on the subject and we note with pride that Fr. Jim Hug from the Centre of Concern (Washington) is an Associate Member of CIDSE.