Pre-Forum events

Two events marked the Catholic preparation of the Forum: a conference on Liberation Theology and a Seminar on Migration, both held prior to the commencement of the WSF. Fr Martin Meier SJ from Germany attended the first and has offered to give a summary of the conference this evening. Fr. José ?Chepes? Núñez SJ (Antilles Province) and Fr. Thierry Linard de Guertechin SJ (CIAS-IBRADES, Brasilia) attended the seminar on Migration. Fr. Chepes was convinced that unless we develop our own networks, like the one we are building now on migration, it is of little use attending these international conferences or seminars. Participants at these international fora talk in terms of the large networks or platforms they represent, and come to these conferences with the goal of establishing broader alliances or new platforms of networks. Other Jesuits commenting on this remark added that we Jesuits still think in individual categories and need to accept fully the organisational implications of networking.