Can we change the world without seizing political power?

This question was discussed by Alex Callinicos, author of ?Anti-capitalist Manifesto?, and John Holloway who published the book ?Change the World without Seizing Power?. John Holloway defended the thesis that global transformation will come through the expansion and multiplication of ?rebellions? and through people saying ?no?. It will emerge from the interstices, the crevices, and fissures of the capitalist system. He called it an ?interstitial revolution?. According to this picture, the strategy should aim at making sure that various forms of organising people do not end by separating them from each other. Callinicos, on the other hand, maintained that it is impossible to change the world without seriously confronting the political question of power. We cannot, he said, ?tend our garden on the margins of capitalism; it either will co-opt or devour us?. Hence the strategy would be to generate a powerful and focussed movement that may break the existing power structures. (Reported by Miguel Gonzales from Alboan, Spain)