A moment of thanksgiving

It was the first evening that the whole group got together to share experiences of the first day. Fr. Joao Roque Rohr, Provincial of all the Brazilian Provinces, and Fr. Guido A.J. Kuhn, Provincial of the Southern Province, greeted all the participants. On behalf of all the participants, Fr. J.J. Mejia thanked the two Provincials for their hospitality. Fr. Joe Xavier, representing the 30 people, Jesuits as well as lay persons, from India and Sri Lanka, told Fr. Joao Roque how happy he was when he got his letter of invitation, and spoke of how today the dream of coming to Porto Alegre and keeping the continuity and the promises made by the South Asian Peoples Initiatives (SAPI) at the Mumbai WSF has been fulfilled. In the name of all the members of the South Asian Assistancy delegation he thanked both Provincials.