Southern Europe: developing development cooperation

In the shadow of the imposing castle where Saint Francis Xavier was born almost 500 years ago, members of the newly established Foundation “Red Xavier” (Xavier Network) gathered on December 3rd 2004, the Saint’s day, to celebrate the network’s official foundation. 

After a preparatory phase that lasted approximately two years, the six founding organisations chose this significant place and date to mark this very important achievement. The organisations are the Italian Magis, the Spanish Alboan and Entreculturas-Fe y Alegria, the Portuguese Leigos para o Desenvolvimento (Laypeople for development) and Foundation Gonçalo da Silveira, and the German Jesuitenmission. What unites them, besides a strong link to the Society of Jesus, is a long, tried and tested record in promoting the integral development of people in poorer countries. By creating Xavier Network they hope to promote the exchange of experiences and joint implementation of cooperation projects in developing countries, as well as education for development, sensitisation, and volunteer formation and training initiatives in their home countries. Fr Francesco Tata SJ, Provincial of Italy and moderator of the Southern European Assistancy under whose auspices the Foundation operates, is the first President of the new Foundation, while Fr Agustin Alonso SJ, Director of Entreculturas, is the executive Vice-president. Although based in Southern and Central Europe, the Network hopes to open up to similar organisations and initiatives of other Assistancies, in line with the ideals and the aspirations of the Saint after whom the organisation is named. 

Contact: Luis Arancibia Tapia, Vice Director, Entreculturas: