Latin America: better education for a better world

Fe y Alegria (Faith and Joy), one of the most visible and respected works of the Society of Jesus, is a ?Movement for integral popular education and social development?. Its activities are directed to the most impoverished and excluded sectors of the population in the 15 Latin American countries in which it operates through a capillary system of schools, vocational training centres, as well as radio stations and community development projects. For the first time in its 50 year-long history, the 35th meeting of Fe y Alegria was celebrated not in Latin America but in Madrid, Spain, from 29 October to 1 November 2004. The Jesuit NGO Entreculturas, which is member of the movement, played host. Reflections on the role of the movement as an agent of international transformation and sensitisation in a world characterised by consumerism, individualism and fragmentation were the central preoccupation at the meeting. The 59 representatives of FyA attending the Congress felt that the media?s enormous influence grows unchecked, influencing thought as well as values. They expressed the need for greater involvement in political action both within the classrooms and outside, voicing a call for quality education for all. The importance and richness of networking with other organisations was underlined at the meeting, and a message of hope sent out, one that said ?a better education is possible?. [HL41102] To learn more about Fe y Alegria: