Italy: Roma people have rights

The decaying outskirts of Naples, Southern Italy, which are notorious for criminal trafficking by the ?camorra?, the local mafia, have long been an area preferred by Jesuits for their work. One of them, Fr Domenico Pizzuti SJ, a journalist and sociologist, is very well known and highly respected for his unremitting commitment in favour of the poor, especially Roma groups, also known as gypsies. A recent spate of murders, linked with infighting among different camorra clans, resulted in three dead bodies being thrown into a Roma neighbourhood where many families live in decaying shacks among heaps of waste and garbage. Fr Pizzuti has used this violence to highlight through a press release the terrible conditions in which some of the Roma live. Referring to the three slaughtered bodies found near the Roma settlement, he writes, ?Besides the homicidal violence, this episode brings to the attention of public authorities and citizens the sad conditions in which some Roma groups live, without the elementary basic necessities for human living.. [this ] has transformed this area not only into a dump but into a cemetery as well.? Fr Pizzuti is currently involved in networking with other organisations, lobbying with local and municipal authorities and advocating the rights of Roma people, beginning with the right to basic sanitation facilities in their camps. [HL41106]. Fr Domenico Pizzuti,