East Asia and Oceania: re-energizing the social apostolate

?The social apostolate is the most difficult ministry in the Society. The others may be equally demanding ? but the social ministry is really the most difficult. As such we need to deepen our sense of mission?. These were the striking concluding remarks of Fr Adolfo Nicolas, President of the Jesuit Conference of East Asia and Oceania. The talk, held during the meeting of the social coordinators of East Asia and Oceania, supported the work of Jesuits in the social apostolate. Fr Nicolas also invited Jesuits to look for more insertion experiences, saying, ?We need a kind of immersion where we can feel what the poor feels, feel their pain, ? immersion needs to be one of our spirituality priorities?. These words came at the end of a very positive encounter, the first of its kind after many years during which period the post of Assistancy Coordinator had remained vacant. This position is now held by Fr Roberto Yap SJ from the Philippines, organiser of the meeting. The encounter led to the formulation of action plans to meet to the main challenges of the social apostolate in the region: forced migration; conflicts based on religious, cultural, or ethnic identities; and global marginalisation and exclusion. [HL41104] Fr Roberto Yap, Assistancy Coordinator fro the Social Apostolate, rcyap@ateneo.edu