Jesuit Superiors of the Americas meet

With the aim of stimulating fruitful dialogue and deepening mutual knowledge of two often drastically differing, yet closely interrelated, realities, the first ever meeting of Jesuit Provincials of South and North America took place in Miami from 22 to 25 May, in the presence of Father General. We asked Fr Frank Case SJ, Regional Assistant for North America, to give us a short account of this historical meeting, especially the discussion that revolved around the common challenge of migration. This was his in reply: ?Among the topics the provincials treated was that of migration. Representatives of the US Jesuit Conference (JC) and the Conference of Provincials of Latin America (CPAL) had prepared a document beforehand describing the issue and what the Society and the Church are doing in response. While the document is intended as a tool to assist, in collaborative ministry, migrants from Latin America as they move to North America, it is impossible not to deal with the phenomenon of internal migration within Latin America itself. In Latin America the challenge is to minimize the social, economic, and political factors that literally force people to move, leaving their homes and jobs, and separating them from their families. In North America, on the other hand, the challenge lies largely in helping recent immigrants to find a home in the North American church and society, by tending to their spiritual, social, economic and political needs in a way that helps them to integrate into a strange land and culture, while not doing violence to their own culture and traditions. Fortunately, Jesuits and those associated with us are not the only individuals or organizations interested in this problem. The Bishops of America are strongly committed to working with the phenomenon of migration, as are many other religious and secular groups. Our efforts, then, will be more effective to the extent that we can work collaboratively with existing organizations?. [HL40604] Websites of the Latin and North American Jesuit Conferences respectively: http:// http://