Migration. Peace for people on the move

The flow of people from one country to another, either in flight from persecution or in search of a livelihood, is one of the pressing issues of our time. The recent instruction issued by the Pontifical Council for migrants and itinerant people entitled ?The Love of Christ towards Migrants? stresses the importance of our response to this global phenomenon, a challenge taken up by the Social Apostolate at the meeting of its Assistancy Coordinators last year. In line with this endeavour, several different initiatives have been organised throughout the past year in Europe and the Americas. Following a decision made by the Conference of European Provincials (CEP) at their meeting of 2002 in Vienna, a task force has been established ?which would explore concrete ways by which those working with migrants and refugees could work together? (Draft Terms of Reference- April 2003). This task force has met thrice and made considerable progress in establishing contact with all Jesuits working on migration issues and accompanying migrants, most of which work remains undocumented. The Conference of Latin American Provincials (CPAL), on the basis of an excellent and well-documented study prepared by Raul Gonzalez Fabre SJ on migration flows in Latin America, has organised a new service, the Servicio Jesuita de Migraciones (Jesuit Migration Services) and has appointed Jose Nuñez SJ as its head. The US Assistancy, that has been actively involved in the Hispanic ministry and assists refugees through the JRS office especially in the provinces bordering Mexico, has been invited to discuss the proposal prepared by the Latin American Assistancy. The issue will be taken up at the Conferences of Provincials from both Assistancies in Miami (May 2004). [HL40504] Fr. Francesco De Luccia SJ, apostolatosociale@gesuiti.it Fr. José Nuñez SJ, chepesj@yahoo.com