General Curia. Rome: Coordinators of the Social Apostolate meet

The Social Justice Secretariat held a meeting of Assistancy Coordinators of the Social Apostolate from 9 to 16 May 04 in Rome at the General Curia. It was attended by 12 participants, the convenor Fr Fernando Franco who is also Secretary, Social Justice, and the Secretariat staff. Among the topics of discussion were the Draft Report on Jesuit Social Centres prepared by the SJS, an evaluation of the implementation of Acts 2003 dealing with the state of various networks, and other related issues, such as the role of coordinators, a theological reflection on Faith-Justice, and the future of the document Characteristics of the Social Apostolate. The densely packed agenda and the hard work of seven days bore fruit in a richly useful meeting that was an opportunity for all Assistancy Coordinators to rethink common areas and to set an agenda for the coming year. One of the outcomes of the meeting was a set of Recommendations to Fr General on the future of Jesuit Social Centres. On the morning of Friday 14 May, Fr General attended the meeting and had an informal talk with the participants. He underlined the importance of the Coordinators? work and offered some points for reflection. The SJS will soon publish an abridged version of the proceedings. [HL40501] For further information, contact: [email protected]