Italy: Jesuit Social Network: New point of departure

Towards the end of the 90s, the province of Italy, after a process of discernment, decided to concentrate its energies on three areas: the intellectual apostolate, work with youth, and the social apostolate. The Social Commission, one of the three commissions created to plan the future in these three areas, decided to take stock of the social activities carried out by Jesuits and other groups associated with the Society in Italy. It was clear that a context was needed in which these groups could develop their activities and at the same time maintain links both between themselves and the Society of Jesus. It was therefore decided to set up a Federation called ?Jesuit Social Network-Italy?. The initiative having come from the Italian Province, the Provincial, for the time being, holds final legal responsibility for the Federation. Its objective is to become an instrument through which Italian Jesuits can effectively carry out their social activities. A more structured network offers each of its constituents possibilities to promote serious reflection on contemporary social issues, enhance the planning of various programmes, contribute to the formation of our members, and acquire greater national visibility as a group. Fr. Francesco De Luccia SJ maintains that ?the Federation is the culmination of a long journey, and, above all, a new point of departure.? After establishing its juridical status, the Federation, he goes on to say, ?aims at strengthening all those who have been challenged by the Gospel, those who are attracted to the Ignatian charism, those who have been touched by the suffering of persons in difficulty, and those who want to commit themselves to live in solidarity at the service of the poorest.? [HL40406] Francesco De Luccia, SJ. President of the Federation ?Jesuit Social Network ? Italia?,