General Curia. Official news: Creation of a Task Force on Globalisation-Marginalisation

All Provincial and Assistant Coordinators for the Social Apostolate received a few weeks ago the official communication regarding the appointment of a Jesuit Task Force (TF) on Globalisation-Marginalisation. This theme was considered by the Assistant Coordinators for the Social Apostolate at a meeting in Rome (April 2003) as being one of the main challenges facing the Social Apostolate, and the Society in the whole world. The Congregation of Procurators held in Loyola, Spain (September 2003), discussed extensively this issue and acknowledged the potential as well as the grave difficulties inherent in this process – especially to the poor and excluded. After having integrated the suggestions from all the Assistant Coordinators of the Social Apostolate, and after having obtained the approval of Fr. General and his Council, the TF has been constituted with the following members: Fr. Arturo Sosa (Venezuela), Fr. Gap LoBiondo (Maryland, USA), Fr. Ferdinand Muhighirwa (Republic Democratic of Congo), Fr. Paolo Foglizzo (Italy), Fr. Jacques Haers (Belgium), Fr. Prakash Louis (Patna, India), and Fr. Frank Brennan (Australia). Fr. Fernando Franco (SJS, Rome) will act as Convenor. [HL40401]