Europe. EUROJESS: Changing times, changing circumstances

EUROJESS (European Jesuits in Social Sciences), a network dating back to 1949, still attracts European Jesuits working in the social field today. This is because the network, which in its first 40 years was a forum mainly for social scientists, has adapted to changing circumstances and shifts of interests and become a broader forum for reflective Jesuits in that area. From the very beginning the main activity has been a biennial congress that brings together about 50 Jesuits to reflect on important social or political issues; for instance, the subject in 2005 will be the future of democracy. The congress usually tries to provide a fair blend of reflection and experience: academic, political, personal, and spiritual. The network?s chief aim is to bring together not only social scientists, but also European Jesuits who specialize in reflecting on social issues so as to foster exchange and cooperation among them. EUROJESS is also the main forum for exchange among the European Social Centres. While the biennial congress contributes in significant ways to the aim of the network, the need was felt for more contact and collaboration in the interim period. To meet this need a regular newsletter, a website and a very small number of common projects have been initiated. [HL40403] President of EUROJESS is Anthony Carroll SJ