Australia. Towards an East Asian AIDS network

What is being done about AIDS in East Asia? The Provincials of that Assistancy are today addressing this pressing question as they encourage Jesuits and collaborators to develop a network in the field of HIV/AIDS treatment, prevention and education. Australian Jesuit Peter Norden, who recently visited AJAN in Nairobi, has been asked to facilitate the development of a small network for this purpose. This East Asian network will start by ensuring a modest Jesuit presence at the forthcoming international HIV/AIDS Conference to be held in Bangkok in July 2004. It will draw on the positive experiences of the African Jesuit AIDS network (AJAN) so as to make heard a progressive and balanced Catholic voice in the public discussion and debate around this very sensitive pastoral issue with all its important human rights dimensions. [HL40402] Contact for those interested in joining the network: Peter Norden SJ, email: