IJND: Casting the net wide

Jesuits for Debt Relief and Development (JDRAD), set up in 1998 in response to the Naples Congress of the Social Apostolate held the previous year, has metamorphosed into the International Jesuit Network for Development (IJND). JDRAD had aimed at creating a coordinated international Jesuit response to the growing injustice of the global social and economic system; IJND carries on the task but with a difference. Since 2001 IJND has worked at the international frontier of the Society of Jesus to build global solidarity in justice. It does this by bringing together the resources and energies of Jesuits, their colleagues and institutions, linking North and South, and sharing data, analyses and ethical and theological reflections. IJND is an innovative, perhaps unique, initiative. It brings together some 12 companions or collaborators from all over the world to share their reflections in the form of articles, position and discussion papers; it is engaged in lobbying and participating in national or regional campaigns, such as debt cancellation and reform of international institutions; it provides training on key global issues. IJND is structured around several thematic sub-groups working on the issues of debt, trade and governance. Its strength is that it is an articulation of Social Centres, not of individuals, and this makes the network stronger, more visible, more viable. Bernard Lestienne, president of IJND, underlines the fact that there is a strong learning factor in networking on global issues at the Society level: ?We are learning how to network; we are not used to that in the Society; but at the same time we discover how important it is for the Society to participate in the many spaces and events where these themes are considered. If IJND did not exist, we should have to create it?. IJND has taken an active stand at international meetings, the most recent being the Mumbai World Social Forum (1/04), the WTO meeting in Cancun (9/03), and the Johannesburg meeting on Sustainable Development (8/02). [HL40304] Fr. Bernard Lestienne SJ, . To learn more about IJND, visit its website at: http://www.jesuit.ie/ijnd/