Abidjan: the Social Apostolate in Africa and Madagascar

At the concluding session of the meeting of Province Coordinators of the Social Apostolate and Directors of Social Centres in Africa and Madagascar a young Jesuit remarked: ?I was impressed by the honesty with which we challenged each other, and by the fact that we have not lost hope in the face of the enormous challenges we face?. The newly built theologate, not far from the city of Abidjan, the pearl of Africa, provided a comfortable setting for the meeting attended, among others, by the Regional JRS Director, Fr. Mateo Aguirre, and the Coordinator of AJAN, Fr. Michael Czerny. A recurring theme during the meeting was the twin need of facing together the problem of conflicts, war and reconciliation, and of ensuring the smooth transition to the next generation of Jesuit personnel in our social centres. The presence of Fr. Shirima, Moderator of the Assistancy, during all the sessions ensured a lively debate and was a sign of his support and encouragement. Fr. Jean Ilboudo, Assistant for Africa and Madagascar, in his introductory remarks underlined the urgency for the Assistancy to clarify, from an African point of view, the apostolic priorities (including the priorities of the social apostolate), so that the Society?s decision to consider Africa as an apostolic priority of the universal Society may become more focused. Fr Leo Amani Masawe, Rector of the Theologate, participated actively in some sessions. There was also a lively interaction with the faculty and the scholastics on the meaning and significance of the Justice dimension. [HL40306] For a report (French and English) on the meeting, contact Antoine Berilengar SJ, Assistancy Coordinator for Africa and Madagascar, .