The world as mother

Francis Gonsalves S.J., a native of Mumbai who wandered through the WSF listening to numerous voices, was struck by the very many who have been left out in the cold by the globalising juggernaut of capitalism. They come from groups too many to count, environmentalists, sex workers, tribals, dalits, pacifists, socialists, transvestites, the list is endless. But all want, he notes, a safer, more secure, more nourishing world– a ?Mother World,? he says, picking up the phrase from Sri Lankan Jesuit Paul Casperz. A mother world will protect and take care of those who live in the world, allowing them to grow to their full potential, marginalizing none, sharing what she has among all her children. His words strike a chord in us. This is an appropriate symbol for the alternative world we want. We would like to add that, like grateful adults, we need to return to that mother some of her energy, replenish her resources, protect her reserves so that she may continue to care for our siblings as they develop and grow. An Indian response perhaps, this responsibility for the extended family, but not inappropriate in the present WSF setting. [HL40136]